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  • Why is the Shema prayer important?

    Why is the Shema prayer important?

    Jesus prayed the Shema, which is the most important declaration in all of Judaism.  You may be wondering, What is the Shema, and why is it so important? Recited daily, in the morning and evening, it was a foundation part of a Jews time of prayer.  Here it is in the Deuteronomy, chapter 6: “Hear, O Israel: […]

  • Project Aliyah Update

    Project Aliyah Update

    jews are returning to the promise land You are making a difference in the lives of Jews returning to the Promised Land, Israel.  Whether your offering large or small, your prayers and generous gifts are bringing them back to their homeland through, “Project Aliyah” flights.  You are providing airfare, immigration aid and personal care, for […]